Ole Henriksen

I am getting old.  I really feel that I am going through a mid life crisis.  If you see me buzzing around in a red convertible sports car then you'll know why!

Maybe not that dramatic - but seriously girls - use face stuff.  I should know.  I really should have done better.  But I am faced with the tiny lines, also known as wrinkles, and the dilemma of what to do next.


I love Angela Lanter and following her life on Instagram.  I am NOT a stalker Angela (but you guys her life looks really fun and she is adorable with her husband Matt and her little dog Soka is too cute!!).  After telling about how big of a girl crush I have, I follow by sharing her expert styling tips, both make-up and fashion.  You can see for yourself at her blog Hello Gorgeous.  

I say all that to tell you that I follow her recommendations for skin care because now I'm ... well old, wrinkled and I started paying attention.


I have started working with an amazing company, Influenster and they so graciously send free products for testing purposes and for me to give an honest review.  And with my love for styling products we go hand in hand!


My latest box arrived and when I saw Ole Henriksen on the box and opened to see the contents I got really excited.  Luxury skin care products, for me to try  :)

I first tried the three step Power Bright and the citrus aroma was divine!  I am still using the other two products, the Truth Serum Collagen Booster and the Sheer Transformation and I think they will become part of my regular regimen.  Which I'm still trying to determine what that is!!  I would recommend these to try out and I'm now going to try some other Ole Henriksen products  ;)

Cheers to smooth clear skin!